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body_image_2_studentAfrican-American Resources

Whether you are interested in our proud heritage, uplifting the People, or just the latest “flava”, this is where to look!

Black Facts 2008 Calendar : Black history and culture calendar by Dr. A. Hodari.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture : The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is a national research library devoted to collecting,preserving and providing access to resources documenting the experiences of peoples of African descent throughout the world.

E-Hollah : Send FREE e-cards at e-hollah, with themes like Kwanzaa, Malcolm, Rosa, Angela Davis, the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, spiritual and women’s cards.

Kamusi Project : Swahili is a trade language spoken throughout the vast African continent. Learn more at the Kamusi Project, an “Internet Living Swahili Dictionary”.

A Deeper Shade of Black : This interesting database features a “this week in Black history” calendar, and searchable archives.

Rosa Parks : “The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement”, describes her pivotal role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and helps students understand the importance of every individual citizen in a democracy. Read through her story and then express how you would feel if you were in her situation.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African AMerican History : “Founded in 1965, The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History serves metropolitan Detroit, national and international communities. We provide exceptional learning opportunities, exhibitions, programs and events based on outstanding collections and research that explore the diverse history and culture of African Americans.”

All Around The African World Museum : “The museum opened at El Hajj El Shabazz Academy in Lansing Michigan in 1996 as the pictorial and historical wall design for the school’s hallways. The Museum was the brainchild of Dr. Willie Davis, Jr., Ph.D. who got the idea from others and carried it through. Two major influences were the work of Dr. Charles Wright who was the founder of the African America Museum in Detroit and it’s humble beginnings in a trailer and then a house and the work of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima who wrote the book “They Came Before Columbus” and his subsequent work with writers, researchers and scholars on the African presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia.”

Columbia University Libraries – African Studies : “Columbia University’s collection of African Studies Internet Resources is an on-going compilation of electronic bibliographic resources and research materials on Africa available on the global Internet, created under the purview of the African Studies Department of Columbia University Libraries. Electronic resources from Africa are organized by region and country. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject.”

U.S. History – African American/Black History : “Best of History Web Sites aims to provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories. BOHWS has been designed to benefit history teachers and their students, but general history enthusiasts will benefit from the site as well.”

Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore : “Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center & Bookstore (“The Shrine”) is one of the nation’s largest and oldest black-owned bookstores, with locations in Detroit, Atlanta and Houston. The Shrine Bookstore is a non-profit institution that opened in 1970 with the goal of showcasing the creative talents of artists & authors of African descent and empowering people through educational workshops and cultural events. In addition to containing one of the largest selections of books related to the Black experience, the Shrine is also home to the Karamu Art Gallery and the Black Holocaust Museum.”