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August 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The staff of Shabazz Academy would like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year!

Our students will be busy; learning math using GO Math, learning reading with Reading Street, along with kindergartners and first graders using Zoophonics.  They will be using the 6 traits writing model. We have been busy aligning the science and social studies to match the common core as well. We will be incorporating project based learning with an emphasis on African American history.

Technology is a part of everyone’s lives and it is here at Shabazz through the use of Smartboards, Chromebooks and Nooks  in the classrooms along with a dedicated computer lab.

In addition, we have the use of Study Island and Reading Eggs which are online curriculums that include learning through games. If you are interested your child/ren can also use these programs at home, just ask the teacher for their login.

Data will be visible at Shabazz and each student will have their own data folder that you may ask to see at any scheduled time with the teacher. Students in grades 3rd – 6th will be aware of the objectives of each lesson and will be involved in plotting their own growth on a line graph.

Assessment is a necessary part of education that is here to stay, so we choose to embrace it and will be encouraging the students to always do their best. We test through the use of a website called the NWEA along with daily informal assessments and formal assessments weekly/monthly. We will also be giving the M-STEP that is directed from the State of Michigan.

Everyone who works at Shabazz will be working with students and making sure that they are aware of what is expected of them and finding the best teaching methods to ensure growth for all students. There will always be that first good instruction in math and reading that is for every student followed by our tiered teaching model time. During this time students will be in small groups based on particular skill set needs. These groups may change weekly or monthly depending on the individual student’s progress. The leader of the group will vary as well because we want the most qualified person on a skill set teaching it.

Julie Powers, Data Coach

Ms. Rodriguez, Interim Chief School Administrator